About the Artist

Art with Heart & Soul


Chris Mcloughlin Painting on Southport Beach (Summertime Sunset)


Born in Northern Ireland. At a young age he became fascinated with the colours and drawing skills used to create animations and later went on to study animation in Manchester. As his work progressed towards a more painterly approach, he went on to study classical painting in Antwerp and fine art in Blackburn; where he pushed his experimental approach into painting towards the landscape and nude motif.

After graduating he quickly went on to work as a director for Bolton Art Studios where he spent time building up the company and after working there for a couple of years he wanted to devote more time to his painting practice; so he moved on to paint full time from his studio in Lancashire and working en plein air (when the UK weather is being sensible).

Inspired by the landscape, bold brush marks, vibrant colours, light and shadows he strives to create exciting and evocative paintings that capture the imagination and essence of the subject; with sunrise and sunset being his favourite times of day. Using oil paint as his primary medium he collects research through sketches, photographs and memory, but the paintings are never planned and it is only when the first brush marks touch the canvas the process begins. Working wet on wet (alla prima) he battles with the paint on the canvas consistently scraping sections off and repainting, continually repeating this process until he has captured the life and ambience of his subject.

Chris regularly exhibits at galleries and art fairs throughout the UK and is always looking for new and exciting places to paint abroad and here in the UK.